Bear Mattress prides itself in offering mattresses that are ideal for people with active lifestyles. But what makes the products Bear Mattress has to offer so Valuable?

This guide will help you identify many of the things you’ll come across when finding a useful mattress from Bear Mattress. There are two mattresses that Bear makes, and each works well for the unique sleeping needs you have. Take a look at what makes each of these models so valuable for your life.

Who Will Love Bear Mattresses?

  • Active people who need something that helps them feel restored
  • People who get hot when sleeping
  • Those looking for a medium-firm mattress
  • People with joint and back pain issues
  • Back sleepers
  • Average weight people

Who Aren’t Bear Mattresses For?

  • People who want something a little firmer or softer
  • Anyone looking for a cheap model
  • Couples that tend to move around in bed

What to Expect

You will discover many valuable details surrounding Bear Mattresses in this guide. Here’s a look at what you will come across in particular when seeing what Bear has to offer:

About the Basic Mattress

About the Hybrid Mattress

Edge Support


How It Cools Your Body

How It Works For Couples

Weight Considerations

Sleeping Style Points

Sizes and Dimensions

Price Points

Added Things To Note


About the Basic Mattress

Bear Mattress makes two particular models. The first one to look at is the basic Bear Mattress. This mattress features four parts:

  1. A Celliant cover on the top offers a breathable knit surface. The Celliant surface takes the body’s natural energy and converts it to infrared light to help restore your body. This helps you to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for anything.
  2. The graphite-gel memory foam on the top part takes in your body heat and clears it away, thus keeping you cool at night.
  3. The transition foam in the middle relieves pressure and adds extra support.
  4. A support foam layer on the bottom stabilizes the mattress and can last for years.

The multiple layers of foam provide support for the spine’s natural curve. The design allows you to stay relaxed without feeling lots of pain while asleep. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed.

About the Hybrid Mattress

The Bear Hybrid mattress is the other model that Bear Mattress makes. The mattress features a mix of both foam and spring materials:

  1. The Celliant fiber top offers the same support that you’ll get from the original mattress. The fiber will handle your body’s natural energy and improve how well you feel when sleeping.
  2. The cooling gel foam adds a comfortable feeling on the top.
  3. The comfort foam adapts to your sleeping position.
  4. The transition foam in the middle allows air to flow through the mattress while supporting pressure relief. The foam prevents the mattress from possibly overheating while in use.
  5. The Quantum Edge Coil system is included on the lower half of the bed. The coils provide added edge support and help you keep your position. The coils are individually wrapped for your comfort and will adapt to your movements.
  6. The high-density foam on the bottom end keeps the mattress stable.

This model is ideal for those who want the flexibility of a coil mattress and the comfort of a foam bed.

Edge Support

The edge support varies based on the mattress you choose. The Bear Mattress has edges that tend to sink. The Bear Hybrid features coils that are reinforced around the edges to help you stay in place while you are asleep.

You’ll have to choose a mattress based on how well you move about while asleep. The Bear Hybrid may work a little better if you tend to move around a bit while sleeping.


On a scale of 1 to 10 from soft to firm, the original Bear Mattress is rated at 7.12. This is based on the customer reviews that Bear has gathered over the years. The body is firm enough for many sleeping needs and will not produce pains around the body when used well.

The Bear Hybrid has a firmness total of 6.14 based on customer feedback. The coils provide better comfort while supporting the spine’s alignment.

Bear Firmness test

How It Cools Your Body

The cooling foam on the inside takes in your body heat and moves it outward. The Celliant fiber top does exceptionally well with converting your heat into infrared light, thus keeping you once again from feeling overly hot. You will enjoy a cool sleeping experience regardless of which Bear model you choose. The surface adds a comfortable body that resists moisture quite well.

How It Works For Couples

The Bear Hybrid mattress is recommended for couples because of how the individually wrapped coils can absorb movements and prevent other nearby coils from being impacted. The traditional Bear Mattress can support the body’s position, but it may be easy for some people to shift and move around the bed.

Weight Considerations

The original Bear Mattress is great for people of all sizes. Heavyweight sleepers might struggle if they try to sleep on their stomachs, as the weight may be too much.

The Bear Hybrid model is better for average weight people from 130 to 230 pounds. Lightweight users may struggle with the mattress. This includes not only having a hard time with the coils but also with getting on the mattress itself. The Hybrid mattress is about 4.5 inches higher than the standard one. Heavyweight sleepers will have a slightly easier time with the Hybrid mattress, although it would still be difficult for such a sleeper to lie on one’s stomach while on that bed.

Sleeping Style Points

Back sleepers will enjoy the Bear Mattress for how it supports the back’s natural curvature. The memory foam body ensures your back will not sink into the mattress. The Bear Hybrid mattress is also useful for back sleepers thanks to how it reacts to your pressure points.

Side sleepers will prefer the Bear Hybrid mattress. The flexibility of the pocketed coils does better with weight on a smaller surface area than foam on its own.

Stomach sleepers can appreciate how the original Bear Mattress can support the belly while improving upon how the spinal column is aligned.

Bear Mattress Material Used
Bear Mattress Material Used

Sizes and Dimensions

The sizes of the Bear Mattress models are listed in inches on how wide and long they are:

Twin – 39×75

Twin XL – 39×80

Full – 54×75

Queen – 60×80

King – 76×80

Cali King – 72×84

The original Bear Mattress is about 10 inches in height. The Bear Hybrid is 14.5 inches high and may be difficult for smaller people to climb on.

Price Points

The values for the Bear Mattress vary based on the model. Here’s what you would spend on the original Bear Mattress:

Twin – $540

Twin XL – $640

Full – $740

Queen – $840

King – $940

Cali King – $940

Here’s what you would spend on the Bear Hybrid bed:

Twin – $1,090

Twin XL – $1,190

Full – $1,290

Queen – $1,390

King – $1,690

Cali King – $1,690

Financing is available on all purchases. You can prequalify for financing through the Bear website at

Some special discounts are offered throughout the year as well. You can also get some free bonuses on occasion like a free cloud pillow.

Added Things To Note

There are a few extra things to see when looking for a Bear Mattress product:

  • Bear has a 100-night risk-free trial period. You can use this trial period to see how well you can handle the mattress. You will be required to use the bed for at least 30 days to review how well the mattress feels and if you’re comfortable with it.
  • Free shipping is available throughout the continental United States. You can also return your mattress for free if you are not satisfied. It will cost an additional $100 to get your mattress shipped to Alaska and Hawaii. Bear partners with FedEx for its shipping efforts.
  • A 20-year warranty is provided on each mattress.
  • Bear also sells mattress protectors, bedding sets, bed foundations, and frames. These can be ordered at the same time as your mattress. The values of these products will vary based on the size of the mattress.
  • It takes about two to seven business days for your mattress to be shipped out to your home.
  • Every Bear mattress is made at the Bear factory in Wisconsin. Your mattress will be compressed and vacuum-sealed so it can fit in a convenient shipping box. You should look for a second person to help you with carrying your mattress regardless of its size.


The Bear Mattress will provide you with a comfortable night’s sleep every time you use it. You will enjoy how the mattress offers a comfortable surface for sleeping that also works with any sleeping position you might prefer. Take a look at how well the mattress will work for your active lifestyle.