Saatva takes pride in offering a high-end luxury mattress to the public without charging anywhere near as much as what you might expect to spend. But is this mattress genuinely worth your time?

This review will help you look at many points involving how the Saatva mattress works. The mattress comes with five useful layers that entail a mix of coils and foam. The three firmness options on this mattress make it useful as well.

Saatva Mattress Review
Saatva Mattress Review

You’ll find that the mattress is ideal for multiple sleeping positions whether you sleep in many layouts or you use only one.

Who Will Love This Mattress?

  • People who want a bed with springs
  • Those who are larger and need extra support
  • All sleeper types
  • People who want a good choice over how firm or soft the bed is
  • Anyone looking for a bed that stays clean and is easy to maintain
  • People who prefer mattresses that aren’t compressed
  • Anyone who needs an affordable mattress option

Who Won’t This Mattress?

  • Those who plan on moving soon and may struggle with carrying a mattress around
  • People who prefer memory foam mattresses

Inside This Review

Saatva In Bed Room
Saatva In Bed Room

Here’s a look at what you will expect out of this Saatva mattress review:

  • Construction
  • The Three Firmness Options
  • How Clean Is the Mattress?
  • How Do You Clean the Mattress?
  • Body Temperature Considerations
  • Edge Support
  • How It Works For Couples
  • For Small or Large People?
  • For What Sleeping Style?
  • Sizes and Dimensions
  • Price Points
  • An Important Part of Delivery
  • Other Considerations


The Saatva mattress features five segments. These appear from top to bottom and all provide a good body:

Saatva Inside Out
Saatva Inside Out
  1. A Euro pillow top provides a soft cushion. The organic cotton surface is non-removable and includes a luxurious feel. The foam-like surface also relieves pressure as you rest.
  2. The Dual Perimeter edge support system provides foam covering that makes the mattress more durable. The memory foam offers a comfortable lumbar area.
  3. A series of individually-wrapped coils appears next. There are 416 14.5-gauge 4-inch coils that respond to your body’s movements. The coils will keep any motions on the mattress from spreading to other places.
  4. Another layer of coils is included. There are 416 7-inch steel coils that prevent sagging. The coils also allow air to move well. You’ll experience a slight bit of bounce on the inside.
  5. A thick memory foam surface appears on the bottom part. The foam helps support the edges and keeps the mattress in its place.

Overall, the mattress is from 11.5 to 14.5 inches thick, depending on the firmness choice you utilize.

The Three Firmness Options

You have three firmness options to choose from. These are measured in firmness on a scale of 1 to 10:

Three Firmness Options
Three Firmness Options
  1. The Plush Soft mattress ranks as a 3. The soft surface offers extra padding on the top area. You’ll enjoy an added contour along the mattress, thus making it easier for your body if you need something light.
  2. The Luxury Firm option ranks as a 6. The style is the most popular model that Saatva customers use. The surface adds a comfortable feeling while still providing support.
  3. The Firm mattress has a ranking of an 8. The foam materials are firmer and provide a balanced surface. You will feel relaxed with enough coil support without feeling as though you’re sinking deep into the mattress.

How Clean Is the Mattress?

The Euro pillow top features a Guardian antimicrobial fabric treatment to produce a surface that resists dust mites and various allergens. The surface makes it easier for you to enjoy a good night’s sleep without worrying about anything that might bother you while you’re asleep.

How Do You Clean the Mattress?

You can spot clean any stains that appear on the mattress. Gentle soap and water can be used to help you with cleaning off your mattress in moments. The surface dries well and makes it easier for you to stay comfortable when you’re trying to sleep.

Body Temperature Considerations

The coils around the mattress do well with allowing air to move through and to keep you from being too hot. The soft surface on the top part of the mattress provides a good body that is easy to sleep on. You can use the layout well if you’re looking for something that provides a healthy body without making you feel too warm as you’re using it.

Edge Support

The foam layer around the sides does well with providing support for your body. You will not experience a sinking feeling when you’re on the edge of the mattress. The brilliant borders that protrude from the ends of the mattress also provide a nice look while making it easier for you to secure the sheets on your bed without them slipping off.

How It Works For Couples

The foam features on the mattress do well with taking in movements, but this mattress may be difficult for many couples. This is especially the case for light sleepers. The mattress can produce lots of sudden changes. However, people might have less trouble sleeping together if they are on the edges of the bed.

For Small or Large People?

Smaller people will enjoy the Plush Soft surface. Side sleepers who are a little smaller will particularly appreciate this.

Heavier people should use the Firm mattress choice. The coils will do well for supporting one’s weight, although a firm design would be better for keeping the body comfortable.

The Saatva mattress is perfect for people of all sizes, but they should look at how firm the mattress is. The combination of coils and foam add a good body for everything to enjoy. The 250-pound threshold should be considered when figuring out what works. A person over 250 pounds should stick with a Firm mattress surface.

For What Sleeping Style?

Back sleepers will benefit the most from the Firm surface. The bed provides plenty of support under the hips and lower back.

Good Fit For Multiple Sleeping Positions
Good Fit For Multiple Sleeping Positions

Stomach sleepers will also enjoy the Firm mattress option. Stomach sleepers will appreciate the support they get around the hips and lower back as well.

A side sleeper should stick with the Plush Soft layout. The hips and shoulders will both feel well-supported on this option.

Combination sleepers will not have any problem with the mattress regardless of how thick it is. Still, a person should look at the general position that one spends the most time sleeping on when figuring out how firm or soft the Saatva mattress should be.

Sizes and Dimensions

The sizes of the Saatva mattress are based on how many inches wide and long the mattress is. The thickness will vary based on which firmness level you wish to use:

  • Twin – 38×75
  • Twin XL – 38×80
  • Full – 54×75
  • Queen – 60×80
  • King – 76×80
  • Cali King – 72×84

The mattress fits most frames and bed foundations. You have the option to buy a separate frame from Saatva as well. Check on how well any existing frames you have fit with the dimensions of your mattress though.

Price Points

The price will be the same regardless of the firmness option you choose. The prices listed here do not include any possible discounts you could find while online. As you will see, the prices are much lower than what you might expect to spend on a quality mattress:

  • Twin – $599
  • Twin XL – $749
  • Full – $999
  • Queen – $1,099
  • King – $1,499
  • Cali King – $1,499

An Important Part of Delivery

The Saatva mattress is not compressed, which means that you will not get it delivered to your home in a box. You will need to get a white glove service to help deliver and set up your mattress. Fortunately, Saatva provides the service for free.

The fact that the mattress is laid out all the way makes it easy to set up. You can start sleeping on the bed on the same day you get it delivered to your home. You will not bear with any gases that may come out of the mattress during the decompression process either, thus producing something that feels more comfortable on the senses.

Other Considerations

Here are a few extra points to see when buying the Saatva mattress:

  • You can use a 120-night trial period to see how well the mattress feels. You will get a refund on the purchase if you are not satisfied, although it does cost $99 to ship the mattress back.
  • You can get the old mattress in your home removed during the delivery process.
  • Free delivery is available throughout the continental United States. It costs extra to get the mattress shipped to Alaska or Hawaii.


Take a look at the Saatva mattress if you’re looking for a high-end luxury bed that will not break the bank. The mattress has a sturdy body that supports all types of sleepers, not to mention people of various sizes. The firmness options you have to choose from makes this an appealing model for use as well.