It can be a challenge for you to try and get a quality mattress ready for use in your home. But the WinkBed mattress is different in that it offers a unique body that is sturdy and provides you with a positive sleep experience.

The WinkBed mattress features a soft body that includes coils and foam materials. The surface keeps your body cool throughout the night. The responsive design also makes it easier for you to get to sleep regardless of what position you sleep in.

Who Will Love This Mattress?

  • Combination sleepers
  • Those who sweat when sleeping
  • People who need additional lumbar support
  • People who like a good fluffy bed that doesn’t sink too much
  • Those looking for something that can support the spinal column’s natural position

Who Won’t Be All That Excited?

  • Anyone looking for a good bargain
  • People who plan on moving soon and don’t want a super heavy mattress

A Look Ahead

Winkbeds Mattress
Winkbeds Mattress

You’ll find plenty of useful details in this WinkBed mattress review. Here’s what you will come across in a few moments:

  • Construction
  • Decompression Support
  • Handling Your Temperature
  • Pressure Point Relief
  • Firmness
  • Edge Support
  • How This Works For All Sleeping Styles
  • Motion Isolation
  • Cleaning the Mattress
  • Weight Point
  • Sizes and Dimensions
  • Price Points
  • Additional Considerations For Purchasing


Winkbed Mattress Review Construction
Winkbed Mattress Review Construction

The hybrid design of the WinkBed mattress is an essential feature worth noting. The mattress features a combination of foam and coil materials:

  1. A 1-inch gel foam material appears on the top. The gel is popular for offering a cooling sensation on the body. This works well with the distinct fabric cover that appears on the top part.
  2. A 2.5-inch latex foam surface appears next. The latex material responds well to many physical stresses. A lumbar support feature works in this segment. The reinforcement provides extra help for the back to keep it from sinking while asleep.
  3. A three-zone pocketed coil system appears to give support around the hips and stomach sections.
  4. A dense foam material appears at the very bottom to produce enough edge support.

All parts of the bed respond fast to your body’s natural movements.

Decompression Support

The WinkBed mattress is designed to help decompress your body. A lumbar support pad appears on the inside of the mattress to provide a comfortable surface for sleeping. The lumbar layer keeps the lower back aligned and ensures your spinal column will stay in its natural position while sleeping. The soft foam and the sturdy cells on the inside of the mattress make it possible for you to stay this relaxed throughout the night.

Handling Your Temperature

The ventilation system around the mattress’ foam layers ensures that hot air will not stick around for long. But the outside layer of the mattress is what will especially keep you cool.

The eucalyptus-based Tencel cover features a soft surface that is tightly woven and yet allows air to move through in moments. The cover is softer than cotton, and it has a cooler feel to it. The surface is also more absorbent than cotton.

Of course, the gel foam on the top helps to keep your body cool all the way through. With gel being naturally cooler than other surfaces, you’ll have an easy time feeling comfortable while asleep. Also, the top cover has an even array of indents that allow air to move through but will not bother your body as you aim to get a good night’s rest.

Pressure Point Relief

The foam surface on the WinkBed mattress is a brilliant material to find regardless of your sleeping position. The support springs around the mattress provide extra support around your body.


On a scale of 1 to 10, the WinkBed mattress would get a 6.5. The good mix of coils and foam make it comfortable to sleep on without possibly causing anyone to stay or feel stuck. The most important part is that you will keep your spinal column adjusted well while sleeping without feeling anything sink far too much as you sleep.

Edge Support

The compression produced on the edges of the mattress is minimal in structure. You will love the great support that the WinkBed mattress has on the ends. The 1.5-pound density foam wrapped around the outside part of the bed makes this an enticing model for people to sleep on.

How This Works For All Sleeping Styles


A side sleeper will love how well the WinkBed mattress works. The ability of the foam to take in your body’s pressure will ensure that you can stay comfortable all night if you sleep on your side.

A stomach sleeper will enjoy how the middle part of the mattress offers plenty of support. The reinforced lumbar area will keep your hips from sinking down. Your spinal column will stay in the same position throughout the night.

A back sleeper will also appreciate the innerspring and how they provide support. The body will not sink into the bed when this is used well enough.

The bed is also suitable for combination sleepers. The responsive nature of the bed’s body makes it easier for you to switch between many positions while sleeping.

Motion Isolation

An important part of the WinkBed to see entails how the mattress can work with a quality motion isolation system. The stabilizing gel foam on the top surrounds the steel pocket springs on the inside to reduce motion transfer. The feature is ideal for couples who are looking for something soft and easy to sleep on. More importantly, the design ensures that you won’t wake up your sleeping partner when using the mattress.

Cleaning the Mattress

You can clean off the mattress with a soap and water solution. The cleaning process takes a few minutes to complete. Be sure to spot treat the surfaces that need cleaning instead of covering the entire mattress at once.

It may help for you to have a mattress protector on the top part of the mattress. Although the Tencel cover is easy to clean off, having a separate protector on hand may help keep the surface safe. Also, the cover will keep dust mites and various allergens from possible getting on the bed when installed accordingly.

Weight Point

The mattress is useful for heavier individuals. The sturdy coils ensure a larger person will have an easier time getting to sleep. However, it helps to watch for the size of the mattress. The number of coils inside the mattress will vary based on the size. A mattress with more coils would clearly provide extra support for anyone’s weight. Look at how well you can get the mattress you want ready when finding a useful choice.

Sizes and Dimensions

The sizes for the WinkBed mattress are listed here. The sizes are measured in inches based on how wide, long, and thick the mattress is:

  • Twin – 38x75x14.5
  • Twin XL – 38x80x14.5
  • Full – 54x75x14.5
  • Queen – 60x80x14.5
  • King – 76x80x14.5
  • Cali King – 72x84x14.5

Price Points

The prices of the WinkBed mattress are listed here based on what you would spend on a mattress without a discount included:

  • Twin – $1,249
  • Twin XL – $1,349
  • Full – $1,499
  • Queen – $1,700
  • King – $1,999
  • Cali King – $1,999

Various deals can be found on the mattress throughout the year, including deals like $300 off of a purchase. Be advised though that the value is relatively high based on what you might find elsewhere.

Additional Considerations For Purchasing

There are a few more points about the WinkBed mattress that should be discussed here:

  • The WinkBed mattress is made in the United States. All items are made to order in the company’s factory in Wisconsin.
  • A 120-night trial is included as you purchase the mattress. You can test the mattress and return it for a full refund if you are not satisfied with the quality of the mattress.
  • A lifetime warranty is included on the mattress to add extra protection over any unwanted issues that can come along.
  • The Any Reason lifetime replacement guarantee feature will allow you to replace your current bed for another one at a heavy discount. You can get a new bed for 50 percent off of its regular price. The guarantee is for people who might have changing needs over how firm their mattresses can be.
  • Free shipping is available on all orders throughout the continental United States.
  • A white glove delivery service can be hired if you wish. The service will collect your old mattress and then replace it with your new WinkBed mattress. The team can help you with setting up the new bed. It costs $99 to use the white glove service, and it would cost $159 if you want to get your old mattress removed.

A Final Word

You will enjoy the quality of the WinkBed mattress when you’re looking for something that is easy to relax and sleep on. The mattress provides a good body that adds a comfortable surface for your convenience. Take a look at this mattress option when you’re looking for a quality model.