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Greetings! My name is Jonathan Thomas founder and editor-in-chief of MattressHQ.comI started MattressHQ with my wife Aviva, my best friend Aaron and our beloved dogs Bear & Bailey. 

Last year we needed a mattress so like anyone else we start reading and watching the reviews but the more we digg the more confused we were, we also headed off to the local mattress store and spent several hours lying on different mattresses, trying to understand the differences in feel and what we were actually paying for. The price points on these various mattresses didn’t seem to really make sense. Any mattress that seemed even remotely good was just absurdly priced.

My wife and I are frugal people and we wrestled with the choice of purchasing a $5,000 mattress. It truly was a great feel, but the price point was just too much. We were about ready to pull the trigger and bite the bullet on the expensive in-store mattress when a friend and co-worker of mine mentioned a new online mattress company selling a $600 memory foam mattress with a 30 night trial period.

That mattress was one of the first iterations of the Tuft & Needle mattress. Tuft and Needle proved to be too firm for both my wife and I, but it made me aware of new companies selling mattresses online, we tried the Casper mattress next and few others…  Long story short after several months of searching and reading reviews, watching videos for hours and yet not able to decide for a new “perfect”, “best mattress”. We decide to do something about it, I discuss the idea with my Tech Bro Aaron and shortly there-after MattressHQ was born.

The Team

We Love What We Do

Jonathan Thomas

Founder and editor-in-chief (Back Sleeper)

I’m a side sleeper with a weakness for a bouncy hybrid mattress.

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Aviva Thomas

head of Sleep team (Combo Sleeper)

I’m a combo sleeper who likes to stretch on a soft but supportive foam mattress.

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Aaron Ch.

CTO, Tech guru  (Side Sleeper)

I am not a sleeper but when I sleep (rarely) I need a firm mattress.

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Bear & Bailey

Team Security (Stomach Sleepers)

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Gold Medal

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