Brooklyn Bedding’s EcoSleep Hybrid Mattress Review 2020

Check our review of EcoSleep Hybrid Mattress covering the construction, performance, cost, and other relevant features

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Brooklyn Bedding, a leading manufacturer of quality beds and mattresses, has released its newest hybrid mattress with the EcoSleep model. Let’s explore the different features of this model, highlighting its double-sided design.

Brooklyn Bedding’s Ecosleep Hybrid Mattress Review

Brooklyn Bedding’s EcoSleep Hybrid Mattress Review

The EcoSleep Hybrid carries on the tradition of top-line quality and affordable products by Brooklyn Bedding. It is one of the very few mattresses in the market that is double-sided and flippable. That gives you a choice of sleeping on the softer side or the firmer side.

It has four layers with a total thickness of 11 inches made up of a mix of natural and organic Latex foams and durable coil springs. A quilted cover of organic wool and cotton blend then wraps the whole assembly.

Our review will cover the EcoSleep’s construction, performance, cost, and other relevant features. We will also compare this model with other brands, and with other Brooklyn Bedding offerings.

We Recommend For
  • You prefer a bed made of organic and natural substances at an affordable price
  • You sleep on your back, stomach, or a bit of both
  • You like to have a choice of either a soft or firm side in one mattress
  • You like the texture associated with latex foam
  • Your body type falls under small, medium, or large
We Don't Recommend For
  • You prefer the texture attributed to memory foam
  • Your budget is under $750 for a queen-size bed
  • You are a slide sleeper with a petite or average size body

Brooklyn Bedding’s EcoSleep Hybrid Mattress

Brooklyn Bedding’s EcoSleep Hybrid Mattress is recommended to all sleepers with all body sizes because it has great features like durability, edge support and motion transfer.
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Firmness and Rating

How Firm is the EcoSleep Hybrid Mattress?

To highlight the EcoSleep’s uniqueness for having double-sided firmness, we shall present them according to a firmness scale. One surface is a “medium-firm” which we gave a 7 (slightly higher than the industry set standard of 6.5). This means that the mattress balances conformity to your body and gives enough support. The other side is a “firm” (which felt more like an extra firm) which we gave an 8. It provided the best support.

Medium Firm
Firmness Scale

Of course, firmness generally depends on your weight, body type, and material texture preference. It will also depend on your sleeping position. The following section will deal with that in detail.

Sleeping on the EcoSleep Hybrid Mattress (Sleeping Positions)

The EcoSleep Mattress is perfect for back and stomach sleepers due to its double-sided feature. The mattress has enough reinforcement provided by the coils and latex foam layers. That helps to keep your spine fully aligned. It also gives adequate support to your shoulders and hips in these positions.

For side sleepers, there are two contentions. If you are a combination-sleeper who constantly shifts in three positions during sleep, the EcoSleep will be fine.

However, if you are purely a slide sleeper and with a petite to the average body frame, the mattress will be too firm for you. Another concern is the fact that latex foam does not have enough capability to relieve pressure. With those two factors combined, another option might be better for you.

What does the EcoSleep Hybrid Mattress Feel Like?

The EcoSleep will feel bouncy and spongy due to its springy coils and two top latex foams, respectively. Generally, it is a supportive and comfortable bed. It feels very different from a memory foam mattress. The latex foam does not conform much to your body, so it does not give you that sinking feeling.

Brooklyn Bedding’s Ecosleep Hybrid Mattress Review
Brooklyn Bedding’s Ecosleep Hybrid Mattress Review

Regardless of which side you are on, you get very substantial spine support. You can move about and change positions with ease due to the bounce. You can even comfortably stay at the edges without fear of falling off the bed.

Average Weight Sleepers – 130 lbs – 230lbs

Many people in this weight range found the mattress too firm for them. This is especially true for side sleepers. This model’s coil springs are a bit too firm. Not suprisingly, the coil springs generated pressure on the hips and shoulders since sleepers could not sink enough to be comfortable.

The upper third, however, found the EcoSleep a bit comfortable on the medium-firm side with the right amount of contour and support. They felt it was easy to move and to change positions because there was not much sinking. They especially liked the lumbar support and spine alignment of both sides of the product.

Heavyweight Sleepers – Over 230 lbs

The heavyweight sleepers found this mattress comfortable as it gave superior support and less sagging. It provided conformity that did not sacrifice support. Their hips did not sink, and they found it easy to move and change positions due to the bouncy effect. They found that sleeping on their back gives them great support all around.

When sleeping on the side, they could feel some pressure on the shoulders and hips but is manageable. They found sleeping on their stomach was also agreeable with enough hip support.

Most of the sleepers in this group found the same results on both sides of the product. However, the majority preferred the medium-firm side in all aspects.

Lightweight Sleepers – Under 130 lbs

Similar to the average weight sleepers, this group also found the mattress too firm. It did not provide conformity to the body, and that contributed to soreness and the misaligned-body feeling.

Lightweight back sleepers found the EcoSleep a little agreeable on the medium-firm side. However, when they switched to the side and stomach positions, they immediately felt considerable pressure points at the hips and shoulders.

Construction and Materials

Brooklyn Bedding’s Ecosleep Hybrid Mattress Review
Brooklyn Bedding’s Ecosleep Hybrid Mattress Review


The EcoSleep Hybrid has a half-inch, fixed quilted cover made of Joma Wool and GOTS-certified organic cotton. These materials provide a first-rate appearance and texture. It also gives the mattress a clean, ventilated surface that provides enough freshness to the sleeping experience

Comfort Layers

The EcoSleep Hybrid mattress has two comfort layers. Located at the top and bottom of the layers, they are 1.5 inches thick and made of 100 percent latex. Latex foam inherently has good responsiveness quality. They provide the right amount of contour without compromising supportability.

Support Layer

Situated between the top latex foam and the coil springs is a 1.5-inch support layer made of latex. This layer contributes to the “medium-firm” quality of the mattress’ top layer.

The third layer, comprised of 6-inch Ascension coils, is this model’s main support assembly. The height provides enough space for air to circulate to give some cooling to the bed and a comfortable sleeping temperature.

The absence of a buffer layer between the bottom latex foam and the coil support layer gives this mattress a high quality firmness.

Mattress Height

All the four layers, including the cover, give the EcoSleep a total height of 11 inches. This thickness, combined with the components, gives this bed its generally sturdy quality.

EcoSleep Mattress Size Options and Price

SizeDimensionsWeightPrice of 8" Version
Twin XL38" x 80" x 12.5"62 lbs$1260
Full53" x 75" x 12.5"84 lbs$1700
Queen60" x 80" x 12.5"89 lbs$1800
King76" x 80" x 12.5"125 lbs$2100
California King72" x 84" x 12.5"127 lbs$2100

Other Beds from Brooklyn Bedding:

  • Aurora
  • Bloom
  • Bowery
  • Signature
  • Spartan
  • Titan

Brooklyn Bedding’s EcoSleep Hybrid Mattress

Brooklyn Bedding’s EcoSleep Hybrid Mattress is recommended to all sleepers with all body sizes because it has great features like durability, edge support and motion transfer.
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Mattress Performance

Sleeping Hot or Cold

The EcoSleep is not primarily a cooling mattress, but it has features that allow it to provide a cooler sleeping temperature compared to other bed types. Latex foams have molecular properties that dissipate heat more efficiently than memory foams or poly foams.

The coils allow enough air circulation for adequate cooling. The firmness of the mattress allows you to sleep above the bed surface instead of being in it. All that gives the EcoSleep a neutral cooling rating.

We must also keep in mind that there are external factors that contribute to your sleeping temperature. The clothing you wear, the kind of comforter and sheets you use, and the climate you are in are all factors that influence your sleeping temperature.

Motion Transfer

In tests we conducted with couples, we found that the EcoSleep had some motion transfer. There was a noticeable disturbance as one partner made the usual sleeping motions like changing position. The same is true in getting in and out of bed. This is very surprising for a mattress with a high firmness rating, but the bouncy quality of the mattress contributed to this. Lightweight couples may not create and feel the motion transfer as much as heavier ones can, but there are other considerations for them to choose this model.

Edge Support

The EcoSleep Hybrid did well in this test category. We found that there is some compression as you move toward the edges, but it is not much to cause alarm. The couples could still move about comfortably to any part of the bed without losing much support.


Firm mattresses generally last longer than most types. They are less prone to sagging and forming indentations. At the same time, thin mattresses are firmer because they do not have extra cushion layers. Since the EcoSleep has both qualities, it is considered durable.

Properly setting up this mattress can greatly increase its lifespan. A sturdy frame, with as little movement as possible, is ideal to help maintain satisfactory upkeep of the mattress.

Finally, the EcoSleep Hybrid is fairly new in the market, so there really is no sufficient data yet to show how it performs with time. Having said that, the EcoSleep is made of high-quality materials that are designed to last a long time.

Brooklyn Bedding backs this product with a 10-year warranty, and that gives some indication of how long the mattress is expected to last.


Firm mattresses are usually not prone to off-gassing as they have fewer foam components. Also, the internal support structure provides hybrids with good air circulation that helps dissipate the gasses (and smell) faster. There can be a little smell upon unpacking, but it goes away after some days.


The EcoSleep is generally quiet. After a while, coils will squeak and make noises as they wear. However, the pocketed coils in the EcoSleep are more noise efficient than typical coils. So, there are no immediate concerns to keep you from a restful sleep. Also, keep in mind that the pocketed coils used in the EcoSleep are top-of-the-line units designed to last longer than other kinds.

Warranty Info

Brooklyn Beddings gives you a 10-year warranty when you purchase an EcoSleep Hybrid mattress.

Here are the full details:

  1. The warranty takes effect immediately upon purchase of the product. During the validity period, the brand will repair and replace any defects.
  2. Brooklyn Bedding’s mattresses necessitate foundations that provide strong support and marginal movement. You can use slatted metal or wood foundations that feature slats 4 inches apart or less, metal or wood box foundations, and solid metal or wood platforms. You can’t use box springs aged over five years or those that lack proper support, and slatted metal or wood foundations that feature slats above 4 inches.
  3. The brand reserves the right to refuse to repair or replace beds or bed components that are deemed unsanitary.
  4. This warranty is valid only with the original owner. Anyone who purchased the unit from the original owner, or an unauthorized retailer, is not granted the coverage.

Comparisons and Alternatives

EcoSleep VS Aurora

The Aurora is a mattress designed with a focus on temperature control. It features a cover that combines polyester and rayon with a heat-regulating material called PCM or Phase Change Material. This material is cool to the touch! Then the layer beneath is called CopperFlex, which has copper infusion that dissipates body heat. The support layer is composed of 8-inch pocketed coils, as opposed to EcoSleep’s 6-inch coils. The total thickness is 13.5 inches.

All these features add to the overall cooling effect that gives the sleeper a comfortable temperature regulated sleep.
Aurora’s firmness rating is 6. This provides a balance between support and contour. We found that the mattress relieves pressure very well and is suited for back and side sleepers.

Finally, Aurora is more expensive than the EcoSleep Hybrid. If you are looking for a softer and “cooler” bed than EcoSleep, and are not concerned with your budget, then the Aurora is the better option.

EcoSleep VS Bloom Hybrid

These hybrids share a lot of features. Both have natural and organic materials combined with pocketed coils. Both use latex foams that provide firmness and longevity. Both have covers made of natural wool and organic cotton blends that give some level of cooling. However, the Bloom is thicker than the EcoSleep at 12 inches because it has larger pocketed coils (8 inches), and the bottom layer is of High-Density Poly Foam. Sleeping temperature is the same for both models at a neutral cool.

The Bloom Hybrid offers three options (soft, medium, and firm) compared to EcoSleep’s two options (medium-firm and firm). That’s the main reason the Bloom Hybrid is a little more expensive than the EcoSleep.

So if you are looking for more firmness options, particularly on the softer side, you can pick the Bloom but with a price penalty. If you want a firmer and less expensive option, then it’s the EcoSleep for you.

EcoSleep VS Bowery Hybrid

The Bowery Hybrid is made exclusively of polyfoam layers. It uses a high-density foam as a base, which takes the place of coils. It has a cover made of stretch-knit cotton. It has only one firmness setting (6). And because of the Bowery’s top Energex layer, it conforms more to the body than EcoSleep’s options. That makes it perfect for side sleepers. It gives enough cushion to the hips and shoulders without sacrificing support.

One downside to the Bowery Hybrid is a slightly warmer sleeping temperature than the EcoSleep. That is due to the all-foam construction of the former.

EcoSleep is more expensive than the Bowery. The latter is the best option if you are looking for a soft bed that comes with a gentle tag price.

EcoSleep VS Signature

The Signature Hybrid is similar to the EcoSleep in some ways. They both have covers with quilted polycotton blends that have great texture and are breathable. They both have 6-inch pocketed coils as a support layer. But the Signature has layers of Titan foam and Energex foam above the support layer. These layers allow the mattress to be conforming, but maintain support and minimize sinking.

The Signature has a firmness rating of 7, which is at par with EcoSleep’s firm side. We found that it is the best option for back sleepers. And like the EcoSleep, it does not suit side sleepers and smaller persons.

The difference with EcoSleep is that the Signature comes in three firmness options of soft, medium, and firm. Also, the Signature is less costly than the EcoSleep.

EcoSleep VS Titan

The name says it all. Titan mattresses were developed with the weightier (above 230 lbs) and bulkier sleepers in mind. Its cover is a blend of polyester and memory foam. Directly underneath is a Titanflex layer that tops the 6-inch coils. At the bottom is a high-density polyfoam layer. All these layers are stacked up to give a firm, supportive mattress.

We found that even sleepers under 230 lbs can feel comfortable with the Titan because of the cover. It gives a balance between contour and support. The Titan best suits the heavy and back sleepers. The combo and stomach sleepers will also find the Titan to their liking.

Both the EcoSleep and Titan mattresses have a neutral sleeping temperature, with the EcoSleep a little cooler due to the materials of the foam used. Generally, latex foams are cooler than polyester and memory foam found on the Titan. However, the temperature coils still provide adequate air circulation to dissipate any heat absorbed during sleep.

The polyester and memory foams on the Titan is effective in minimizing motion transfers. This makes the Titan better in this category than the EcoSleep and would be a good pick for couples.

The prices of Titan and EcoSleep mattresses are not that different, which would make them matching options for each other.

Brooklyn Bedding’s EcoSleep Hybrid Mattress

Brooklyn Bedding’s EcoSleep Hybrid Mattress is recommended to all sleepers with all body sizes because it has great features like durability, edge support and motion transfer.
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Do EcoSleep mattresses have an odor?

There is a natural smell after you take the mattress out of the box. However, if you place it in a well-ventilated area, the smell dissipates fast.

Will the EcoSleep Hybrid mattress need a frame?

Yes, it will. All you need is to make sure that the foundation is level and sturdy, and it does not move. The EcoSleep is compatible with most platforms, slat, box spring, and adjustable bases.

How long should I take to adjust to an EcoSleep mattress?

You should try sleeping on the EcoSleep mattress for a minimum of 30 days before deciding to buy. It usually takes your body about a month or so to adapt to a different bed.

Does the brand ship abroad?

Our latest information says the company only delivers in the contiguous States and also in Canada. If you live abroad, you would need another form of delivery service to get the product. Remember that the company charges additional fees if you live in Canada, Alaska, or Hawaii.


The EcoSleep Hybrid has many great features, aside from being double-sided and flippable. It is a firm, sturdy, and comfortable mattress that provides a very substantial lumbar and spine support. It’s perfect for most back, stomach, and combo sleepers at the higher weight category. Lastly, its design and build keep you cool while sleeping.

The EcoSleep Hybrid is the best option for a bed that combines natural and organic materials at a reasonable price. It falls perfectly within a budget of less than $1000 for a queen-sized bed. Most other latex hybrid beds having top-of-the-line materials would fetch around $1400-$2000 for the same size.

Keep in mind that the EcoSleep is a firm mattress that will not suit all types of sleepers. If you are more of a side sleeper with a smaller physique, you might want to consider our Bower Hybrid mattress. It has a softer option at a lower cost.

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