The Original Mattress Factory is noteworthy for offering an assortment of quality mattresses for various needs. The company’s mattresses include soft and firm options alike. You can find many mattresses made with sturdy coils, although some foam-based models are also available.

It can be a challenge to compare each of the many products the Original Mattress Factory has to offer. But as you will find in this review, the mattresses offered by the company are made with various standards dedicated to ensuring you’ll get the best night’s sleep every time. You can choose from whatever mattress you feel is the best for your sleeping needs.


Who Will Love the Original Mattress Factory’s Mattresses?

  • Lightweight and heavyweight sleepers alike
  • People who prefer mattresses with springs
  • Those looking for cheap mattress options
  • Anyone looking for a mattress in any firmness level
  • Those who want a mattress with a lower boxspring profile option

Who Wouldn’t Benefit From the Company’s Mattresses?

  • People who want mattresses made exclusively with coils without spending lots of money
  • Couples that sleep very close to one another
  • People who want a mattress that they can return if they are not satisfied
  • Anyone looking for something that comes with other extras
  • Anyone who wants to get a mattress out right now without waiting for shipping

A Quick Preview

There are many things that you will discover in this Original Mattress Factory review. Here’s a look at what you’ll expect:

What Does the Mattress Feature?
The Many Types of Mattresses
Edge Support
How It Keeps Your Body Temperature Under Control
For Lightweight or Heavyweight Sleepers?
A Point For Couples
How It Works For Sleeping Positions
Sizes and Dimensions
Box Spring Height
Pricing Points
Where to Buy a Mattress
Additional Considerations For Purchase

What Does the Mattress Feature?

The Original Mattress Factory produces its mattresses with multiple features in mind:

1- A woven fabric top appears first. A pillow top construction option is available.

2- A high-density foam surface appears next. The foam provides extra physical support.

3- A natural cotton upholstery surface adds a soft texture on the inside.

4- The support springs use offset coils made with heavy-gauge wire materials. A six-turn coil design produces enough support for your body without sinking far too deep.

5- Box springs are also added on the bottom part to support the structure of the mattress. The box springs can absorb shocks, thus allowing the mattress to last a little longer.

The best part of the layout is that it can feature a two-sided design. The top and bottom parts are identical to one another over their construction. This means you won’t risk-bearing with body indentations on your mattress. There are also plenty of one-sided models available for your use.

The Many Types of Mattresses

You’ll find a variety of mattresses available through the Original Mattress Factory. These are divided up by four lines:

1- Classic

The Classic mattress line is the basic option to review. The Classic mattresses are slimmer and do not use as many materials, but they also come in a variety of thicknesses and firmness levels.

You can choose from various models in this line. The Classic One mattress is a 7-inch one-sided mattress with a blended cotton pad and a 0.75-inch foam upholstery surface. The Classic Mattress is an 8-inch two-sided model with a 0.75-inch foam upholstery layer on each side.

The Classic Luxury Firm mattress is 9.5 inches thick and offers a 2-inch foam layer on each side. You can also use a pillow top surface on the Classic EuroTop model or a 3.5-inch foam upholstery surface on the soft Classic Plush mattress.


2- Regency

The Regency line is made with added comfort layers on the top. You can get either the Regency Sapphire or Sapphire EuroTop mattress.

The basic Sapphire mattress is 10 inches thick and features a soft cotton pad on the top. The 2-inch foam upholstery adds a good touch. The Sapphire EuroTop model is 11 inches thick and has a 4-inch foam surface with a softer feel.


3- Orthopedic

The Orthopedic line is made for those who need extra pressure relief. The mattress is ideal for side sleepers in particular. The design includes a comfortable body that responds well to your movements.

There are eight types of mattresses in the Orthopedic line. These include models from 10.5 to 16 inches thick. A EuroTop design is available for a softer surface. You have the option to work with different mattresses from Ultra Plush to Ultra Firm.


4- Serenity

The Serenity line features mattresses made entirely with foam. You can find a firm mattress with a latex body, a soft plush mattress, or a medium-firm model. Either way, your Serenity mattress will be 10.5 inches thick and will feature a one-sided design. The latex model is a two-sided one.

The dense polyurethane core on each Serenity mattress adds a soft surface. The foam core is 4.5 to 6 inches thick depending on the model you order. The Serenity Latex mattress has a 3-inch foam layer on the top, while the basic Serenity model has a 4-inch memory foam surface. The Plush model has a 5-inch memory foam layer.



The firmness level of your mattress will clearly vary based on what you choose to order. On a scale of 1 to 10 from soft to firm, the Ultra Plush models offer a 4 rating. The Ultra Firm models are at a 10. You have many choices to look for when finding something of value, so take a look at what’s available in the line you’re interested in searching for.

Edge Support

A 6-gauge border rod is included on the edges of each mattress to produce solid support. The rod keeps you in bed, but the flexible body also ensures you won’t feel anything rough or hard while sleeping.

How It Keeps Your Body Temperature Under Control

The layout of each mattress allows air to move through well. The springs are spaced well to allow air to move along, thus keeping the mattress from becoming too hot. The comfortable knit top does produce a warm feeling, but the stitching has enough openings to keep the mattress from overheating.

Overall, the mattress isn’t necessarily going to keep you cool, but it will not make you feel overly hot either. Your sleeping environment, including the sheets you use and the air temperature in your bedroom, will make more of an impact on how well you can enjoy your sleep.

For Lightweight or Heavyweight Sleepers?

The mattresses that the Original Mattress Factory makes work for various sleepers. The coil-based setup makes the mattresses easy for heavyweight sleepers to handle. Lightweight sleepers would benefit the most from some of the softer mattresses available. Either way, you should enjoy the quality of an Original Mattress Factory mattress regardless of how large or small you are.

A Point For Couples

The Original Mattress Factory’s mattresses offer plenty of surfaces that you and your sleeping partner will enjoy sleeping on. But you must watch for how the coils on the inside can respond to movements. You may feel your sleeping partner’s shifts and movements, but that would be more likely to occur if your partner is much closer to you. You should not experience much of an impact in most cases, but you may still notice something.

How It Works For Sleeping Positions

The type of mattress you get from the Original Mattress Factory should be observed based on your sleeping position. Side sleepers will benefit from the Orthopedic line of mattresses thanks to how it offers added support for the pressure points.

A back sleeper will enjoy most of the mattresses that the company makes. The springs inside the mattress produce a better amount of support.

Stomach sleepers can also enjoy the mattresses that the company offers for the most part. The Serenity mattresses are best for stomach sleeping though. The foam surface does well with various weight points.

Combination sleepers might struggle with many of these mattresses. You’ll have to look at the specific type of sleeping position you plan on getting into for the most part when figuring out what would work for you.

Sizes and Dimensions

The mattresses come with four basic size standards. These are measured based on how wide and long they are in inches:

Twin – 38×75
Full – 53×75
Queen – 60×80
King – 76×80

A 1.5-inch tolerance is included on all mattresses. The tolerance is based on the padding used on the mattress and the quality of the construction. The Original Mattress Factory makes all of its mattresses by hand.

Be advised that not all mattress models are available in all sizes. Some models do not come in king sizes.

Box Spring Height

The box spring on an average Original Mattress Factory mattress is about 8 inches high. Shorter 5-inch height is available for those who need something a little easier to climb on.

Pricing Points

The prices for the Original Mattress Factory’s mattresses are extremely varied based on the type of mattress for sale and its size. The cheapest option is the Classic One mattress. This model is $199 for twin size or $379 for a queen.

The most expensive model is the Serenity Plus mattress. The mattress is $1,339 for twin size or $2,639 for a king size.

The good news about these prices is that the Original Mattress Factory has models for all budgets. You should still look at your sleeping needs before finding something of value.

Where to Buy a Mattress

You can get a mattress from the Original Mattress Factory website at You can also travel to one of the various stores that the company has around the eastern part of the United States. The Original Mattress Factory has eleven factors and about a hundred stores in nine states. The company has locations in Orlando, Atlanta, Raleigh, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and Minneapolis among other areas.

You can get a first-hand look at the mattresses if you reach one of the Original Mattress Factory’s stores. You can also test one of these as desired to feel how soft or firm the mattress you want can be.

Additional Considerations For Purchase

There are many extra things to notice when looking for something you can order:

  • You can get a warranty of at least 10 years on your mattress. The length of the warranty will vary by model.
  • The Original Mattress Factory does not accept exchanges or returns. The policy is due to the company’s need to custom-build each mattress model. It is recommended that you try one of the company’s mattresses in person at one of its stores if possible to confirm how well a mattress may feel.
  • The Original Mattress Factory recommends that you vacuum your mattress on occasion. You can use mild soap and cold water to stop treat stains if necessary. You would not soak the mattress or dry clean the surface.
  • It can take about three to four weeks for you to get your mattress shipped to your home. This is due to the need for the company to custom-make your mattress. You can also pick up a mattress a little sooner at one of the company’s stores if you are near one. The Original Mattress Factory website will let you know the approximate cost for shipping based on where you live.
  • A delivery team can help you with moving your new mattress into your home after it is ready.
  • Custom-size mattresses are available for big and tall people. You would have to contact your nearest factory or store for details on what you can get out of it. You might have to spend extra on this due to the added effort required for building the mattress all the way through.

A Final Note

The outstanding variety of mattresses you can choose from when finding a model from the Original Mattress Factory will help you make the most out of your sleeping needs. Be sure to look around to see what particular model you should utilize for your life.