Queen Loft Bed

Queen Loft Bed Reviews 2020 Surrounding A Unique Style

What is a queen loft bed? It’s a distinct bed type that can fit in well in various properties. People are looking for more space in their homes for living and activities. They’re choosing loft beds to make it easier for them to get the room they need.

But as appealing as a queen loft bed can be, you’ll have to watch for what you’re getting yourself into. A queen loft bed should be chosen based on its design and functionality. You’ll have to watch for how well such a loft bed can be set up in your home as well. The price can also be relatively high, so you’ll have to watch for what you’re going to work with.

Who Will Benefit From a Queen Loft Bed?

  • People looking for added floor space
  • Those who want to open room for storage
  • Lightweight people who can safely sleep on a loft bed
  • Anyone in a room where the air circulates well
  • People trying to renovate their properties

Who Doesn’t Need a Queen Loft Bed?

  • Heavyweight people
  • Those in homes that don’t have wall support
  • People in homes where lots of people move around
  • Those who want something a little cheaper

What to Expect

You will learn more intriguing things about queen loft beds in this report. Here’s what you will come across in this guide:

Edge Support
Getting the Queen Loft Bed Ready
What Can You Do Under the Bed?
What Frames Are Available?
What Is the Price?


A queen loft bed is designed with an intriguing look. The bed entails a mattress that stands on a large base. The base will feature sturdy metal legs that will keep the mattress upright. A small climbing ladder space will appear on the end or side of the loft bed. A few guards can also appear on the sides.

The best way to describe a queen loft bed is that it is like the top part of a bunk bed. The bed features enough room underneath for storage or entertaining purposes. The important thing is that the bed isn’t going to take up a massive amount of space in the middle of a room.

Edge Support

The edges of your queen loft bed will feature a few bars to keep you from slipping out. The edges are designed to keep the mattress in its place. Not all loft beds come with such bars, so make sure you look at what you’re finding.

Getting the Queen Loft Bed Ready

You’ll have to look at how well the queen loft bed you want to use is arranged. The frame of your bed will be more important than the mattress itself, as the frame needs to be steady and sturdy:

1- You’ll need to produce enough headroom to ensure you can get up in the morning without hitting your head on the ceiling. About 30 to 40 inches of clearance is recommended.

2- You should have about 50 to 60 inches of space under your bed. The sizing will vary based on how high up your ceiling is.

3- Review the weight limit on your queen loft bed before you use it. The bed should handle about 200 to 250 pounds of human weight in most situations. The measurement is based on your mattress weighing about 100 to 150 pounds depending on what you get.

4- An anchor is recommended when getting your loft bed ready. An anchor will entail a few bolts on the side of your bed. The anchoring features will connect to the wall to ensure the loft bed stays in its place.

5- Review the ladder attachment on your loft bed. The positioning of the ladder will vary by model. The design should be easy to reach whether you’re going up or down the loft bed. You’ll especially need something that is easy to work with when getting up.

6- A small nightstand feature may appear on the top end as well. The nightstand is perfect for things like an alarm clock, your eyeglasses, your smartphone, or anything else you need to secure.

7- The physical materials that make up the loft are important to see. Metal is typically used, although a carbon fiber or aluminum material may add a stronger body that will not wear out. Wood can also work, although it would have to be thick and firm enough to support the weight. The surface should be sturdy enough to handle all your weight.

8- See if a box spring is needed. You might find slats on the bottom that can support the mattress without having to get an extra box spring ready.

You will also need to get someone who can help you with getting your mattress up on the top. Considering how heavy the mattress can be, it will be best to get a second person on hand the support your work for getting the bed ready.

What Can You Do Under the Bed?

You have the option to do one of many things under your loft bed:

  • You can prepare a work desk under your bed.
  • A futon or other sitting space can go under the bed.
  • A few storage containers can also appear here. A dresser would work well in this case.
  • You could even add a second queen mattress to the bottom if desired, although this might not have a base to lie on.

You have many options to work with when getting your bed ready for use. Be sure you look at how well your bed is aligned and that you have a design for your bed that is easy to handle.

What Frames Are Available?

There are far too many mattresses for you to consider when looking for a queen loft bed. You’ll have to think about the frame instead. The frame should be designed to fit the queen mattress you want to sleep on. You’ll have to identify many things surrounding how well your frameworks too:

ACME Kaleb Sandy Black Queen Bunk Bed

Your first option to use is this ACME model that features a reversible front ladder. A slat system appears to allow the mattress to stay cool. The mattress will take in more air while standing on top. The bottom segment has room for a second queen mattress, although it could also work for a futon. The guardrail goes along the entire top area as well.

Francis Loft and Bunks Queen Size Adult Loft Bed

The ladder on this bed can be removed and placed on any part of the loft bed. But what makes this Francis bed so valuable is that it features a sturdy aluminum frame that can handle up to 2,000 pounds on weight. The bottom part features an open area that allows you to add a desk or other feature.

WE Furniture Loft Bed

This metal loft bed is available in various sizes, including a queen size. The loft bed comes with a powder-coated steel frame. There is enough room for a small living segment, although you can get a separate model that will turn the area into a small workstation space.

Dorel Living Harlan Loft Bed

Dorel Living offers a great bed that features a slat design on the headboard. The guardrail and ladder match up and add a quality body all around. The opening on the bottom part makes it easy for you to get your loft bed ready for use.

Home Accent Furnishings Metal Loft Bed

You can look for a simple design for your loft bed if you prefer. This Home Accent Furnishings product features a powder-coated silver body. The slats support your mattress well without having to get a separate box spring ready.

There are many other models for you to choose from, of course. You’ll have to look around to find choices that fit your needs. Don’t forget that some of these queen loft bed products come with mattresses themselves, which is convenient if you need something that works a little sooner. But you should look well at how you’re going to find a model that fits your living needs.

What Is the Price?

The cost to get a queen loft bed will depend on two factors. First, you have to get a frame. Second, you need the mattress.
A queen loft bed frame can cost anything from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars at a time. The value will vary based on the functionality, design, and general quality of the frame. Make sure you look at how well the frameworks for you and that it is one that you can work with when getting something ready for your use.

A Final Word

A queen loft bed will be useful, but you have to watch for what you’re getting out of it. You must make sure your queen loft bed is easy to set up without being hard to support.

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