The eLuxury 10” Memory Foam Mattress Review 2020

The eLuxury 10” Memory Foam Mattress Review

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We shall be looking into the many features of the 10-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress from eLuxury, formerly known as eLuxurySupply. We will examine its firmness, texture, sleeping temperature, and edge contraction.

The Eluxury ” Memory Foam Mattress Review

The eLuxury 10” Memory Foam Mattress Review

The eLuxury company proudly makes this Memory foam mattress exclusively in the USA. Instead of subcontracting it abroad, eLuxury has a wholly-owned manufacturing facility located in Evansville, Indiana, that produces top-quality mattresses.

Amazon lists this as one of the top-selling products in the memory foam beds category.

Getting the eLuxury memory foam mattress out of the box is very easy and should take around 10-15 minutes. Take note that initially, the product is in its compressed form. Just let it decompress for about 48 hours, and it will go back to its original shape.

We Recommend For
  • You shop for beds on Amazon
  • You sleep on your side, back, or stomach
  • You have a partner
  • You want a mattress priced at less than $1000
We Don't Recommend For
  • You want a soft or a firm mattress
  • You don’t prefer memory foam at all
  • You weigh above 250 lbs.

The eLuxury 10” Memory Foam Mattress

The eLuxury 10” Memory Foam Mattress is recommended to all sleepers with all body sizes because it has great features like durability, edge support and motion transfer.
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Firmness and Rating

How Firm is The eLuxury Memory Foam Mattress?

The eLuxury Memory foam mattress has a firmness level of 6 or medium. It balances the ability to contour the body and provides enough support. That means you get the right amount of softness to relieve pressure points, and at the same time provide support to let you move around comfortably.

Medium Firm
Firmness Scale

However, how you gauge a mattress’ firmness depends on your body size, weight, and sleeping position. So let’s look closely at those factors to know more about the eLuxury memory foam mattress.

Sleeping On The eLuxury Gel Memory Foam Mattress (Sleeping Positions)

Back and stomach sleepers will love the eLuxury memory foam mattress. It distributes the weight evenly to provide them with enough hip support to avoid sinking. It also prevents any pressure build-up on the lumbar area and the spine.

The eLuxury memory foam bed is ideal for side sleepers. Initially, they will find the mattress a bit firm. After a few minutes, it allows for a little sink into the foam to relieve pressure on the neck, hips, and shoulders.

Combo sleepers will find the eLuxury memory foam mattress a good option for support and pressure relief. However, if you are the type of combo sleeper that tends to take fewer positions, then a firmer mattress could be a better option for you. Also, since the memory foam is not very responsive, you might get some resistance in changing positions. Having said that, it is only minimal, and you can still move about effectively.

What does the eLuxury Gel Memory Foam Mattress Feel Like?

The initial feeling you get is a firm bed. That feeling quickly transitions into a feel of soft gel foam that surrounds your body and provides pressure relief.

The Eluxury ” Memory Foam Mattress Review
The Eluxury ” Memory Foam Mattress Review

However, you do not sink right in as there is a responsiveness that gives adequate support. It has enough bounce to keep you from getting “stuck” so you can move freely.

Average Weight Sleepers – 130 lbs – 230lbs

Sleepers in this category found the eLuxury memory foam mattress a perfect balance between adequate conformity and enough support. It has enough sinking to relieve pressure, and also the right amount of bounce to let them move easily. They did not encounter any resistance when changing positions.

Whatever position these sleepers favor, the eLuxury memory foam mattress can adjust accordingly and suit them effectively.

Heavyweight Sleepers – Over 230 lbs

Heavier sleepers found the product very supportive for sleeping on their sides and stomach. They especially liked the support they got while sleeping on their backs.

A small concern they had was the fact that memory foam is slow to respond, so it creates enough resistance that keeps them from moving freely. Overall, they found the eLuxury memory foam mattress as a great option.

Lightweight Sleepers – Under 130 lbs

The eLuxury memory foam mattress is optimal for sleepers in this weight class when they are sleeping on their backs. However, when they turn to their side and stomach, they encounter noticeable pressure points. They also found moving about is difficult with the memory foam resistance.

Construction and Materials

The Eluxury ” Memory Foam Mattress Review
The Eluxury ” Memory Foam Mattress Review


The eLuxury memory foam mattress has a 100% cotton cover. It is thin enough to let the texture of the foam underneath to be felt. Also, it is breathable and assists in cooling the sleeping temperature.

Comfort Layer

The comfort layer is a 3-inch thick gel memory foam that contours to the body. It allows the sleeper to sink just enough to relieve pressure. Although memory foams tend to absorb body heat, the gel infusion helps to control temperature and provide enough cooling effect.

Support Layer

The base or foundation of the mattress is a 7-inch thick high-density polyurethane foam. This layer responds well to pressure. That allows the bed to provide the sleeper with adequate compression support. The support layer also gives the mattress its form and strength.

Mattress Height

The two main layers, including a thin cotton cover, give the eLuxury memory foam mattress a total height or thickness of 10 inches. This dimension allows you to move the mattress with ease.

eLuxury Memory Foam Mattress Size Options and Price

Twin39" x 75" x 14"$1,624
Twin XL39" x 80" x 14"$1,624
Full54" x 75" x 14"$2,584
Queen60" x 80" x 14"$2,584
King76" x 80" x 14"$2,774
California King72" x 84" x 14"$2,774

Other Beds from eLuxury:

  • ELUX Hybrid

The eLuxury 10” Memory Foam Mattress

The eLuxury 10” Memory Foam Mattress is recommended to all sleepers with all body sizes because it has great features like durability, edge support and motion transfer.
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Mattress Performance

Sleeping Hot or Cold

Before we can determine if the eLuxury memory foam mattress sleeps hot or cold, we need to look at certain factors that influence that.

First, let’s talk about construction materials. Different substances have different levels of heat resistance or absorption. Memory foams generally tend to keep body heat and get warm in hot weather conditions. However, gel-infused memory foam present in this product is substantially cooler thanks to its enhanced breathability.

A person’s weight also contributes to the warmth or coolness of sleep. Heavier sleepers will sink more into the foam, allowing more body heat absorption. Lightweight sleepers will stay more above the mattress. The bed’s firmness can also affect sleeping temperature. Firm mattresses tend to keep sleepers more on the surface, allowing them to stay cooler.

Furthermore, room temperature, the climate in your area, and the type of sleeping clothes you wear also affect the overall cooli rating of a mattress. Taking all that in, we conclude that the eLuxury gel foam mattress has a neutral cooling rating. It still provides a relatively cool and comfortable sleep.

Motion Transfer

Memory foam beds typically have an efficient capability to isolate motion. The eLuxury mattress was able to disperse minor disturbances created when a person changes position during sleep. We tested this using a glass of water placed at the edge of the bed. When a person rolls across the bed, you can very well see only slight ripples created in the water. That means lightweight sleepers will make and feel less motion transfer with this product.

However, as the movements intensify, so does the motion transfer. You can really feel those movements of someone getting in and out of bed. Heavier sleepers will have some issues with this factor, but the product will still offer them an altogether comfortable rest.

Edge Support

In general, foam mattresses are more susceptible to compression than their coil-supported counterparts. The eLuxury memory foam mattress exhibits some compression at the edges. However, it is not much to cause you to worry about falling out of bed.

As you sleep near the edge, you will not have problems in adjusting your position. When you shift on your side, the bed conforms to your body just enough to allow support and pressure relief.

Also, sitting at the edge of the bed focuses your weight in a smaller area, and produces more compression. However, that is not a crucial factor in the overall sleeping experience.


Memory foam mattresses are more durable than ordinary foam variants but are a little less sturdy than coil supported ones. With that said, the eLuxury memory foam mattress is durable thanks to the high-quality top layer and high-density polyurethane support layer.

You can help the mattress last longer by mounting it on a sturdy frame. The more secure the frame is, the more it can contribute to the mattresses’ longevity. With a rather customary use and proper care, the eLuxury memory foam mattress can last from 6 to 7 years.


A brand new eLuxury memory foam will have some odor initially. However, with proper ventilation, the odor should disappear after some days of being left to stand. Also, the open-core characteristics of gel memory foam dissipate body odor absorbed after considerable use.


The eLuxury memory foam mattress is very quiet as it bears weight during use. There are no springs or coils that can make noises after some time.

Warranty Info

eLuxury gives you a warranty period of 10 years for the 10-inch gel memory foam mattress. the details are as follows:

  1. The warranty is full and non-prorated.
  2. The warranty is conditional on an appropriate foundation and support provided. If the damage happens due to improper installation, the warranty can be canceled.
  3. Defects included in the warranty:
  • Depressions or drooping on the surface of the mattress measuring 1 inch or more.

4. The warranty does not include the following:

  • Depressions or drooping on the surface of the mattress not measuring 1 inch or more, or normal rise in material elasticity that will not affect the abilities of the mattress to relieve pressure. These issues are deemed normal wear.
  • Claims that are consequences of preference changes of the owner.
  • All forms of physical damage incurred as a result of the owner’s fault.

5. The warranty cannot be transferred. It is only given to the initial owners who acquire the unit from eLuxury or from an authorized dealer. Those who purchase the unit from the first owner or from an unauthorized dealer will not get the full warranty.

Comparisons and Alternatives

10” Gel Memory Foam Mattress VS 12” Latex and Memory Foam Hybrid

eLuxury has one other model of mattress and that is the 12” Gel Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress. This model is a combination of gel memory foam, gel-infused latex, and pocketed mini-coils. The cover is a polyester-spandex material and is knitted at the top and woven on the sides.

The comfort layer is actually composed of three sub-layers: a 2-inch gel memory foam, a 1-inch gel-infused Latex, and a 1.5-inch tier of mini-pocketed coils. The support layer is a 7.5-inch high-density polyester foam.

The firmness rating is 5.5 (medium). Compared to the 10-inch model, the Hybrid is very suitable for lightweight (<130lbs) to average weight (130<230 lbs) sleepers. Whatever position they sleep in, they will feel pressure relief and adequate support.

For heavier sleepers (>230lbs), they will not be as comfortable as the other groups. They will feel some pressure relief and support with the back and side positions, but they will be very uncomfortable sleeping on their stomach.

Other features as compared to the 10-inch memory foam mattress are:

  • Durability – this mattress is expected to last for 6.5 to 7 years
  • Motion transfer – it has efficient motion isolation and absorption capability
  • Pressure relief – perfect for lighter sleepers in all positions
  • Noise – it is silent while bearing weight
  • Off-gassing – some odors present after unboxing but dissipates quickly
  • Sleeping temperature – slightly cooler than the pure memory foam version
  • Edge support – provides fair support at sides and sinkage will occur after some time

Comparing all the features and capabilities of the two products, it is very clear that the hybrid only has very few advantages over the pure memory foam mattress. Furthermore, the 12-inch Hybrid is priced at about TWICE that of the 10-inch pure memory foam counterpart. We feel it would be better to opt for the pure memory foam mattress hands down.

eLuxury 10” Memory Foam Mattress Vs Nectar Mattress

The Nectar Mattress is the flagship memory foam bed of Nectar Sleep based in Palo Alto, California. It is 11 inches thick and has a firmness rating of 6 or medium-firm.

The Nectar Mattress is covered by a blend of TENCEL lyocell and cotton. It is a breathable cover that can be washed. It has two comfort layers of gel memory foams of different densities that provide pressure relief and spine support. Then there is a transitional layer of high-density polyfoam that prevents sagging. Finally, the support core is the thickest layer of denser polyfoam.

The construction gives the Nectar a luxurious but intensely supportive quality that is optimal with average to heavy sleepers in all sleeping positions. The lightweight group will find it too firm for them.

Let’s compare the features of the two products:

  • Durability – the materials and construction give it a life expectancy of 7 to 8 years
  • Motion transfer – very efficient in isolating any disturbances caused by a partner’s movement during sleep.
  • Off-gassing – there is a noticeable odor after unpacking the mattress, but this goes away after some days.
  • Pressure relief – the Nectar is optimal for conforming to the body and the even weight distribution across the bed.
  • Sleeping temperature – all the high-density poly foams create a slightly warm sleeping temperature, but the cover and the comfort layers of lower density memory foams dissipate the heat absorbed. This then gives the Nectar a cooler neutral temperature compared to the eLuxury.
  • Edge support – there is substantial compression when you sit at the edge, but this is true of foam mattresses.
  • Noise – very silent; optimal for sound-sensitive sleepers

The Nectar Mattress only has minor advantages over the eLuxury model. Since it is priced 30%-40% higher than the eLuxury memory foam we still recommend the latter.

eLuxury Memory Foam Mattress VS Casper Mattress

The Casper Mattress is a mixed-foam mattress composed of several layers of memory foam and polyfoam that makes up a thickness of 12 inches.

The cover is made of a polyester-spandex blend which you can unzip for washing. The comfort layer is made of two sub-layers of polyfoam and memory foam. Then comes a transitional layer made of polyfoam that serves as a buffer to prevent more sinking. Finally, is a support layer of high-density polyester foam.

The Casper has a firmness rating of 5 or medium. That means it is the best option for lightweight (<130lbs) sleepers on all positions. They found that they get a full alignment of the spine.

For average weight (130<230lbs) sleepers, the Casper is still quite supportive and relieves pressure in all sleeping positions, especially the side.

However, for the heavier (>230lbs) group, they found it to be too soft, so only the side sleepers had some support.

Comparison of features with the eLuxury mattress:

  • Durability – the Casper has a life expectancy of 7 years as the support core prevents the formation of impressions and keeps the shape of the bed.
  • Motion transfer – performed well on motion isolation tests. Neither sleeper noticed any disturbance created by the other.
  • Off-gassing – an odor can be detected even after several days from unboxing. However, this dissipated as further time passed.
  • Pressure relief – offered better support for lightweight to average weight sleepers. Heavier sleepers should consider other options.
  • Sleeping temperature – the Casper exhibits a neutral cooling temperature due to the presence of breathable materials in top layers.
  • Edge support – there is considerable compression at the sides like most foam mattresses, but the sturdy support core strengthened the edges quite well.
  • Noise – the Casper did not produce any noise. This will be a good option for sleepers who are easily disturbed.

The Casper is ahead of the eLuxury in cooling and sleeper comfort. But with a price tag of almost double that of the eLuxury, the latter still comes out as the best option.

The eLuxury 10” Memory Foam Mattress

The eLuxury 10” Memory Foam Mattress is recommended to all sleepers with all body sizes because it has great features like durability, edge support and motion transfer.
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Is this mattress made in the USA or outsourced?

The eLuxury memory foam mattress is 100% made in the USA. Unlike some mattress companies, eLuxury owns and operates a manufacturing facility located in Evansville, Indiana. The company was started in 2009 by Paul Saunders, a US Marine veteran. Their present products include beddings and accessories, and two mattress models. eLuxury is a fast-growing company and is an active supporter of many charities. They donate one bed for every 45 they sell.

Is this bed available in stores?

At this time, eLuxury does not have showrooms or outlets. The beds are available on-line through their website and via Amazon. They also have a 120-day trial period without any obligations. You can return the mattress for any reason within the trial period.

Is the 120-day trial period applicable even on Amazon?

Yes. Amazon clearly indicates in its website that eLuxury honors this trial period. eLuxury has the lengthiest trial period available online.

Is this mattress safe?

Yes. The product comes with the CertiPUR-US certification that ensures there are no prohibited substances or materials present. You can be sure it is absolutely safe to use.


The eLuxury memory foam bed has many features that make it one of the fast-selling online products of its category in Amazon. It is made of top-tier materials that allow the bed to provide enough comfort, pressure relief, and adequate support. It is quiet and keeps you undisturbed by efficiently isolating any movements.

The eLuxury memory foam mattress is perfect if you belong to the light-to-middleweight sleeper group in all sleeping positions. The heavier sleepers may want to look at other options like the Nectar Mattress, but with a price penalty.
If you are looking for a no-frills, sturdy and fairly-priced gel memory foam bed, you definitely need to consider this model. The eLuxury 10” memory foam mattress is the best option for you. Not only do you get a quality product exclusively made in the USA, but you also get the character and spirit of the company behind every bed they manufacture and sell.

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