The GhostBed Flex Hybrid Mattress Review 2020

The GhostBed Flex Hybrid Mattress lets examine features and performances in cooling, motion transfer, comfort, and support abilities. We shall also compare the Flex to other brands in the same category

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The Flex Hybrid Mattress is the latest offering of GhostBed, a world-renowned manufacturer of top-quality beds and accessories. We shall be looking at its various features and capabilities as a viable option among other hybrid mattresses.

The Ghostbed Flex Hybrid Mattress Review

The GhostBed Flex Hybrid Mattress Review

The Flex hybrid mattress is GhostBed’s first venture into hybrid mattresses. It’s design places a special emphasis on providing responsive support and cooling to offer a comfortable sleeping experience. It combines memory foam and polyfoam layers with pocketed coils to achieve that goal.

The Flex Hybrid is available on GhostBed’s website and Amazon. It comes with a risk-free 101-day trial period. The bed arrives at your doorstep conveniently shrink-packed in a box. You only need to unbox and let it air out for a few hours to remove some odor. Also, after some time, the product will expand to its original form.

You can return the bed after trying it out for a month and deciding it is not to your liking. GhostBed will retrieve the unit free of charge. You will then get a full refund of any costs incurred immediately after the retrieval.

In this review, we shall examine Flex’s features and performances in cooling, motion transfer, comfort, and support abilities. We shall also compare the Flex to other brands in the same category.

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  • You want a bed that can accommodate all body sizes and shapes
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The GhostBed Flex Hybrid Mattress

The GhostBed Flex Hybrid Mattress is recommended to all sleepers with all body sizes because it has great features like softness, affordability and durability
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Firmness and Rating

How Firm is The GhostBed Flex Hybrid Mattress?

The Flex Hybrid has a firmness rating of 6 or medium-firm.

Medium Firm
Firmness Scale

The memory foam and polyfoam materials offer body-conforming quality while giving adequate support.

Sleeping On The GhostBed Flex Hybrid Mattress (Sleeping Positions)

The Flex Hybrid is ideal for back and side sleeping. It provides enough body contour to relieve pressure on the hips and shoulders. At the same time, it supports the spine and lumbar area.

Combo and stomach sleepers will have some issue particularly with the lightweight group, as they experience evident pressure at the sides. The Flex may be a little too firm for them.

What does the GhostBed Flex Hybrid Mattress Feel Like?

The Flex Hybrid offers a ‘hugging’ feel of memory foam with just enough bounce known to neutral foam beds.

The Ghostbed Flex Hybrid Mattress Review
The Ghostbed Flex Hybrid Mattress Review

Overall, it is a very comfortable bed. It allows for unrestricted movement or constant shifting with maximum responsiveness. Conversely, it doesn’t offer much resistance.

Average Weight Sleepers – 130 lbs – 230lbs

This weight class of sleepers feels considerably comfortable with the Flex Hybrid in any sleeping position as it gives them the right cushion effect to relieve pressure at contact points. It also gives them adequate support on the lower back and keeps the spine in alignment. They can easily move and change positions because there is not too much sinking.

Heavyweight Sleepers – Over 230 lbs

Heavier sleepers also find that the Flex Hybrid provides the appropriate balance between adequate support and sufficient pressure relief.. They feel comfortable in all positions and find no intense pressure on the hips and shoulders.

Lightweight Sleepers – Under 130 lbs

This group was the least impressed with the Flex. Although they were comfortable to some degree, they found it to be a little too bouncy. That translated into noticeable pressure on the hips and shoulders. Some even had issues with spine alignment. A softer bed would be a better option for them.

Construction and Materials

The Ghostbed Flex Hybrid Mattress Review
The Ghostbed Flex Hybrid Mattress Review


The Flex Hybrid has a quilted cover made of a polyester-viscose blend fabric with a Phase Change Material (PCM) that is quite cool when touched. It has a fiber lining for substantial airflow. The overall effect is a lower sleeping temperature that is quite pleasant to most sleepers.

Comfort Layers

The Flex Hybrid comfort layers have a mixture of gel memory foams and polyfoam that provides body contour for uniform pressure relief. It allows for a little sinkage but not enough to feel engulfed by the bed.

Support Layer

Between the cover and support layer is a transitional layer of polyfoam. This layer adds a cushion effect for enhanced comfort. The support core consists of several 8.5-inch pocketed coils and 1 inch of high-density polyfoam. Two rows of thicker gauge coils are placed at the perimeter to reinforce the edges.

This layer gives the unique bounce the Flex Hybrid has, considering it has memory foam comfort layers. It also gives the bed its firmness and shape.

Mattress Height

The Flex Hybrid is 13 inches thick. The overall effect is of full comfort and supported sleep.

Flex Hybrid Mattress Size Options and Price

Twin38" x 75" x 10"48 lbs$859
Twin XL38" x 80" x 10"52 lbs$1013
Full54" x 75" x 10"66 lbs$1106
Queen60" x 80" x 10"77 lbs$1234
King76" x 80" x 10"96 lbs$1459
California King72" x 84" x 10"94 lbs$1489

Other Beds from GhostBed:

  • Original GhostBed
  • GhostBed Luxe

The GhostBed Flex Hybrid Mattress

The GhostBed Flex Hybrid Mattress is recommended to all sleepers with all body sizes because it has great features like softness, affordability and durability
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Mattress Performance

Sleeping Hot or Cold

The Flex Hybrid sleeps cool. Its Phase Change Material (PCM) cover instantly gives you a cool sensation. The gel-infused memory foams absorb body heat and transfer it to the support layer. The pocketed coils in the support layer then provide continuous airflow that takes the heat and dissipates it.

With all the devices employed by this bed, it can provide a lower sleeping temperature despite having memory foams.

Motion Transfer

The Flex Hybrid effectively absorbs and isolates motion transfer. Its memory foam makes it a viable option for couples as they will not be bothered by their partner’s movements.

Edge Support

The two rows of thicker gauge coils at the sides provide reinforced edge support that minimizes compression. That means couples can move freely to any part of the bed without concern for rolling off.


The quality materials and construction of the Flex Hybrid give it a life expectancy of 7 years. Of course, proper care and use of the mattress can preserve its shape and form longer. The quality of framing used is also a factor that affects longevity.


The Flex Hybrid has a minimal off-gassing. This is due to its coil support core that continually circulates air.


The Flex Hybrid may make minimal noise attributed to its coils. However, this is normal with hybrid beds and is not overly annoying or significant.

Warranty Info

  1. GhostBed provides each Flex Hybrid with a limited warranty valid for 25 years. Within this period, the company has the option to replace or repair mattresses with physical or factory defects.
  2. Within the initial ten years, the company absorbs all costs on replacements or repairs, not including transportation expenses. Starting on the 11th up to the 25th year, mattresses may either be repaired with a handling fee, or be replaced with an adjusted fee including costs for transporting the unit. The fee begins at fifty percent in the 11th year and will become fifty-five percent by the 12th up to the 15th year, will become fifty-nine percent by the 16th up to the 20th year, and will be sixty percent by the 21st year up to the 25th year. This warranty includes all obvious lasting depressions 1 inch or more in-depth, and all physical damages.
  3. Warranty will not include the use of box springs aged over five years or those that lack proper support, and slatted metal or wood foundations that feature slats above 4 inches. Also not included are decreases in performance due to typical use. In particular: the responsiveness of the material, the ability of the unit to relieve pressure, and the overall cooling efficiency.
  4. This warranty is valid only with the original owner who bought the unit from an accredited retailer. All original owners should register the unit at not later than 30 days after purchase to ensure warranty validity. All claims must include a copy of the official receipt or invoice indicating pertinent information (date, place, and price) of the purchase.
  5. The cover has a different warranty (valid for 1 year) and is not part of the mattress warranty. It specifies against factory defects and becomes invalid with all physical damages caused by the owner.

Comparisons and Alternatives

GhostBed Flex Hybrid VS GhostBed Mattress (Original)

The Original GhostBed Mattress is an all-foam bed consisting of a combination of gel memory foam, latex, and high-density polyfoam. The cover is the same as the Flex’s, which is a polyester-viscose blend material.

The comfort layers are also similar to the Flex’s, a gel memory foam. But this time, it comes with an aerated Dunlop synthetic latex, a low-density latex foam that is good for absorbing and dissipating body heat.

Instead of coils, the support layer is a bulky high-density polyfoam. This polyfoam is the densest of its kind currently used in a mattress in the market.

The mattress is 11 inches thick and has a firmness level of 6 or medium-firm, same as that of the Flex Hybrid. That means the Original Mattress has a balanced pressure relief and responsiveness.

Average weight sleepers will have no problems sleeping in all positions as the mattress can provide them sufficient pressure relief at contact points. They will feel their hips and shoulders are well supported and their backs fully aligned.

Similar to the Flex Hybrid, the heavy sleepers will feel comfortable in all positions and find no intense pressure on the hips and shoulders. The lightweight sleepers will find it a bit on the firm side. They will start noticing some pressure developing in the hips and shoulders as they change position, most of all on the side.

The Original Mattress has a life expectancy (6 years) lower than the Flex Hybrid. That is primarily because of the all-foam construction.

The Original Mattress performed slightly better than the Flex Hybrid on motion transfer. The multi-foam construction of the Original Mattress absorbed and isolated movements more effectively than the Flex Hybrid’s memory foam/coil combination. That makes the Original Mattress more suitable for couples when it comes to motion isolation.

The Original did not have a big issue with off-gassing. There was an initial smell that eventually dissipated after some days. Both mattress models do not have long-term off-gassing problems.

The Original Mattress has a warmer sleeping temperature than the Flex due to the many layers of foam materials. However, the cooling devices in the upper layers helped a little in regulating the temperature.

The Original Mattress’ high-density foam base contributed significantly to limiting compression at the edges. That allowed heavy sleepers to stay comfortably at the edges. It also means couples can utilize the whole space even with smaller beds.

The GhostBed Original did not make any noise while bearing weight. That is because of the absence of coils that can create sounds as time goes by.

The GhostBed Original Mattress costs half as much as the Flex Hybrid does. If you are working within a budget and can tolerate sleeping a bit warm, then the Original Mattress is your choice. Otherwise, you would have to shell out a little more to get the Flex Hybrid.

GhostBed Flex Hybrid VS GhostBed Luxe

The GhostBed Luxe is a multi-foam mattress that has a softer feel than the Flex Hybrid. The firmness level is 5 or medium that gives a hugged feeling associated with memory foam beds. The mattress provides enhanced pressure relief at contact points like the shoulders and hips.

The cover of the GhostBed Luxe is a fabric with fiber padding and gel memory foam. The comfort layer is a combination of Phase Change Material, gel memory foam, and high-density polyfoam. The support base consists of a higher-density polyfoam that allows it to reinforce the upper layers. All that make up a thickness of 13 inches.

The Luxe is better suited to lightweight and average weight sleepers who tend to favor the side position. It reduced pressure at contact points for lightweight sleepers. It also provided adequate support at the hips and shoulders for the back and stomach sleepers.

The Luxe is excellent in providing the average weight sleepers with sufficient body contour (pressure relief) and adequate support. This is especially true when they sleep on their backs and stomachs.

The heavy sleepers were also comfortable on their sides. But as they changed positions, the pressure built up at contact points. They also sank deeper into the mattress. A firmer bed might be better for this group.

The life expectancy for the GhostBed Luxe is 6.5 years. That is due to the materials and construction of the bed and is at par with most multi-foam products. Sturdy frames and proper care can prevent early sagging and can extend its life.

Like most foam beds, the GhostBed Luxe effectively isolated motion transfer. It was slightly better than the GhostBed Flex Hybrid as it has more foam materials. That makes it optimal for couples to have an undisturbed sleep.
Both mattress models did not emit a strong smell. There was the usual initial smell related to packaging but this dissipated after some days.

The GhostBed Luxe slept a bit warmer than the GhostBed Flex Hybrid. That is inherent to mattresses with more foam materials. The Hybrids have the advantage of air circulation provided by the coils.

For edge support, the GhostBed Luxe performed better than other foam beds. Its thick polyfoam base reinforced the top layers to counteract the compression made at the edges. The couples could sleep at the edges without the rolling off feeling.

Because the GhostBed Luxe has a multiple-foam construction, there are no coils that make sounds while bearing weight. That makes it a better option for people who are sensitive to noise while sleeping.

With just a little difference in performance and pricing, both the Flex and Luxe are viable options for each other. It will come down to personal preference.

GhostBed Flex Hybrid VS Brooklyn Bedding Bowery Hybrid

The Bowery is a combination of memory foam and pocketed coils. It has a 1-inch quilted cover made of stretch-knit cotton and memory foam.

It has a firmness setting of 6.5 or medium-firm. The Bowery Hybrid’s top 2-inch Energex layer has PCF or phase changing foam. It has the responsiveness of latex with the cushioning effect of memory foam.

A group of 6-inch pocket coils and a PCF polyfoam base make up the support layer. This layer provides the firmness and shape of the mattress. The total thickness is 10 inches.

The Bowery Hybrid is an adequate option for back and side sleepers in both light and average weight sleepers. Heavier sleepers will benefit more than the other weight categories due to the higher firmness rating. It gives enough cushion to the hips and shoulders without sacrificing support.

The Bowery Hybrid has a life expectancy of 6 to 7 years. It can isolate motion well and is a good option for couples. It doesn’t emit odor except for the usual first-use smell that quickly dissipates after some time. It also barely makes noise when bearing loads.

Both the Bowery Hybrid and GhostBed Flex Hybrid have a neutral sleeping temperature with the Bowery being cooler. Although the memory foam comfort layers tend to trap heat, the coil support core provides efficient cooling through consistent air circulation.

GhostBed Flex Hybrid is a lot more expensive than the Bowery Hybrid. The latter is the best option if you are looking for a medium-firm bed that comes with a gentle tag price.

GhostBed Flex Hybrid VS Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid

The Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid is similar to the GhostBed Flex Hybrid in many ways. They both have covers with quilted polyester blends that have great texture and are breathable. They both have comfort layers of memory foams and polyfoams above the support layer. These layers allow the mattress to be conforming, but maintain support and minimize sinking.

The Signature has 6-inch pocketed coils as opposed to Flex’s 8.5-inch coils in the support layer. Both have a layer of high-density foam to reinforce the coils.

The big difference is the Signature has three firmness options: soft (3.5), medium (5.5), and firm (7.5). The soft option appealed to the lightweight sleepers, particularly with side and back positions. They felt the right amount of body contour and support. The medium option was optimal for the average weight sleepers in all positions, although they found all settings comfortable. The firm option pleased the heavier sleepers in all positions.

Both Flex and Signature models exhibit neutral to cool sleeping temperatures because of similar structures. Both had fairly low noises when bearing weight. And both models had performed well on motion isolation and edge support.
Unfortunately, Flex’s price is almost twice that of the Signature at basically the same performance and fewer firmness options. The Signature is clearly the optimal choice.

The GhostBed Flex Hybrid Mattress

The GhostBed Flex Hybrid Mattress is recommended to all sleepers with all body sizes because it has great features like softness, affordability and durability
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Are GhostBed Flex mattresses made locally?

Yes. GhostBed makes the mattresses in factories located in 5 states. GhostBed is a subsidiary of Nature’s Sleep, a well-established company based in Florida.

Is the GhostBed Flex heavy?

Considering all the available size options, the Flex can weigh anywhere from 76 pounds (Twin) to 141 pounds (California King).

Can the Flex work with any frame?

Yes. The GhostBed can work with any frame, box spring, and foundation. Just make sure that the frame you use can handle both you and the mattress.

How long does it take to deliver the Flex Mattress?

The usual order processing time is two to five working days, excluding holidays and barring any natural calamities.


The GhostBed Flex Hybrid Mattress is a medium-firm mattress made of memory foam and polyfoam combined with pocketed coils to give the best balance in pressure relief and support. It best suits the average to heavier weight sleepers in all positions. Lighter sleepers may want to look for a softer bed like the Original GhostBed Mattress.

The Flex provides a slightly cooler sleeping temperature than most memory foam beds. It is quiet and can isolate motion transfer very well.

All that makes the Flex a comfortable bed and a viable option. The only concern is its rather hefty price. However, if you don’t mind shelling out a bit more cash, it’s the bed for you!

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