A Helix Mattress Reviewed 2019

Helix Mattress

Helix sells numerous mattresses made with both foam and coil materials. These hybrid mattresses provide an easy way for you to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

The assortment of Helix mattresses out there can be confusing though. This Helix mattress review will help you identify what makes these mattresses different from one another and what particular model is right for your needs. You’ll find that there are many mattresses that are ideal for your use regardless of how soft or firm you want your mattress to be. You’ll also see something that fits in with your typical sleeping pattern.

Who Would Love This Mattress the Most?

  • People who want a good mattress that fits your specific sleeping position and firmness preference
  • Those with back pain issues
  • Anyone looking for something that can relieve pressure around your body
  • People of all sizes, including big and tall persons
  • Anyone who gets too hot when sleeping
  • People who sleep in many positions

Who Won’t Be Interested In the Mattress?

  • Those who want something that’s totally made of foam
  • Anyone who needs a mattress that doesn’t cost too much

A Quick Preview

You’ll learn plenty of useful details about the Helix mattress in this review. Here’s a look at what you will come across in this review:

Construction Features

Types of Mattresses


Edge Support

How Well Can It Handle Your Body Temperature?

Points For Couples

Considerations For Lightweight and Heavyweight Sleepers

What Sleeping Styles Work Best?

Sizes and Dimensions

Thickness Levels

Price Points

Additional Things of Note

Construction Features

The construction of a Helix mattress will include the following features:

  1. The top part features a Soft Touch cover. The cover provides a stitched surface that is soft and stays cool.
  2. A comfort layer appears under the cover. The layer features the Dynamic Foam surface, a latex material that has a soft body and can respond to pressure in moments. The layer has a latex-like feel to its body.
  3. A thin layer of polyfoam appears underneath the comfort layer. The polyfoam is slightly firmer and helps support the coil system.
  4. A series of coils will appear next. The coils under the polyfoam are individually wrapped and separated to ensure they don’t get in contact with one another. The spaces in between the coils allow air to move through well. The best part of the coils is that they help to support your body’s position while sleeping.
  5. A dense polyfoam layer is included on the bottom. The polyfoam supports the overall body of the mattress.

Types of Mattresses

You have plenty of choices to consider when looking for a Helix mattress. These models are based on how soft or firm the mattress is and the type of sleeping position that the mattress can handle. The company makes such mattresses as the following:

  1. The Sunset mattress has a soft surface and works for side sleepers. The Sunset mattress is made to handle your pressure points.
  2. The Moonlight mattress is another soft model for side sleepers. This model contours around your body quite well. The top and middle layers are designed to handle your body’s motions.
  3. The Midnight model features a medium firmness level and is for back sleepers. The model offers better pressure relief.
  4. The Dusk bed is another medium model for back sleepers, although it may work for stomach sleepers as well. The mattress contours to your body.
  5. The Twilight bed is firm and works for back sleepers. The bed relieves pressure thanks to its dense body.
  6. The Dawn mattress is a firm model with added support for the top and middle parts of the body. This is for stomach and back sleepers alike.
  7. The LUXE Hybrid series features added firmness options and is recommended for back sleepers. The LUXE mattresses feature a pillow top and three foam layers to absorb motions. The foam base is a little more reinforced as well, thus providing added stability.
  8. The Nightfall mattress is slightly larger in size and is recommended for heavyweight or big and tall sleepers. The medium-firm mattress is ideal for back sleepers. The extra foam layer also does well with supporting all the weight you add. The Nightfall mattress is particularly useful for people who struggle with back pains.
  9. The Dual Balanced mattress offers a layout with one half being firm and the other being soft. The Dual Balanced mattress works well for side sleepers and provides great pressure relief for your convenience. This model is only available in a queen, king, or Cali king size.
  10. The Dual Extra bed also features a half-firm, half-soft layout. The mattress is ideal for back and stomach sleepers alike. This is also a body-contouring model. The bed is also available only in the three largest sizes.

You can visit the Helix website at helixsleep.com to find out what mattress would work best for your needs. The Sleep Quiz on the Helix site will help you figure out what works for your needs.


The firmness level of your Helix mattress will vary based on the model you choose. The firmness levels are as follows on a scale of 1 to 10 from soft to firm:

Sunset – 3.5

Moonlight – 3.5

Midnight – 5.5

Dusk – 5.5

Twilight – 7

Dawn – 7

Nightfall – 6

Dual Balanced – 3.5 and 7

Dual Extra – 3.5 and 7

Helix Mattress firmness test

Edge Support

You will notice a slight reinforced body on the edges of the mattress. All Helix mattresses feature reinforced coils for helping you stay in place while you are asleep. These coils are a little thicker than others and will provide extra protection while you sleep. This is convenient for those who might sleep with someone while ensuring you won’t fall off while asleep.

How Well Can It Handle Your Body Temperature?

Your Helix mattress will come with a thin cover on the top area that keeps your mattress comfortable. The pocketed coils will make it easier for you to stay cool. The air moves around the mattress well. The open foam is also easy for you to handle, as it offers enough openings and pores to help let warm air go throughout without making the mattress feel hot.

Points For Couples

Couples will enjoy how well the coils can respond to their movements. The coils isolate movements with ease. The design ensures you won’t be bothered by your sleeping partner’s movements.

It does help to look at your sleeping pattern versus whatever your partner utilizes each night. You should choose the appropriate mattress based on what works for you and your partner alike. Fortunately, the mattresses Helix offers work well for all sleeping types.

Considerations For Lightweight and Heavyweight Sleepers

Heavyweight sleepers will benefit from the Nightfall mattress thanks to how sturdy and thick the mattress is. The Dawn, Twilight, and LUXE Hybrid mattresses are also good for heavyweights who are 250 pounds or greater.

Middleweight people who are 230 pounds or under will benefit from most of these mattresses, although lightweight people under 130 pounds might struggle with the Twilight, Dawn, and Nightfall mattresses.

What Sleeping Styles Work Best?

You should choose your Helix mattress based on the specific sleeping style you tend to prefer. Side sleepers should consider the Sunset, Midnight, or Twilight bed.

A back sleeper will enjoy the Moonlight, Dusk, or Dawn bed. The Twilight bed may work for some back sleepers too.

A stomach sleeper will also appreciate the Moonlight, Dusk, and Dawn beds. The Sunset, Midnight, and Twilight beds may also work, although they aren’t as effective as the others when it comes to stomach sleeping.

Combination sleepers should look for mattresses that are a little more versatile. The Sunset, Moonlight, Midnight, Dusk, and LUXE Hybrid mattresses are all ideal for these people.

Sizes and Dimensions

Helix makes its mattresses with these sizing standards. These sizes are measured based on how wide and long they are in inches:

Twin – 39×75

Twin XL – 39×80

Full – 54×75

Queen – 60×80

King – 76×80

Cali King – 72×84

Thickness Levels

Each Helix model will come with one of three thickness levels based on its style. These thicknesses are measured in inches:

Standard – 10

Dual Balanced or Extra – 10

Nightfall – 12

LUXE series – 14

Price Points

The prices for Helix mattresses will vary based on the type you order and the size. A basic model will run from $525 to $1,170 depending on the model. Meanwhile, a LUXE mattress will go from $870 to $2,020. The Nightfall mattress also costs $625 to $1,365.

These prices are all without discounts, although Helix does offer special deals on its mattresses throughout the year. The company also offers financing for its mattresses.

Additional Things of Note

There are numerous extra points for you to review when it comes to a Helix mattress:

  • You can take advantage of a 100-night sleep trial. You can return the mattress for a full refund if you are not satisfied with your mattress.
  • It costs $150 to get a team to help move your new mattress into your home and to remove your old one.
  • Free delivery is available throughout the continental United States. It costs extra to ship the mattress to Alaska or Hawaii.
  • You can also get the Helix mattress shipped to Canada, but it costs extra to do that.


The assortment of quality mattresses that you’ll find through Helix will work for all your unique sleeping needs. The distinct hybrid construction of a Helix mattress particularly makes it a worthwhile choice for your sleeping needs. Take a look at what you can find from Helix today.

Helix Mattress Review 2019 – What Makes The Mattress Useful?

Helix Mattress

Helix has a variety of different mattresses that you can use at your home. The mattresses that Helix has to offer include an assorted array of choices that cover all the unique sleeping needs you might have. You’ll need to look well at what Helix offers, as the company makes many versions of their bed based on the sleeping position you prefer and whether you want something that is firm or soft.
Regardless of what you choose, you will find that the Helix mattress provides a good body that features a mix of both coils and foam. The comfortable design that isn’t too hard for you to sleep on either. This review will help you identify many of the intriguing aspects of the Helix mattress that makes it a popular choice for many sleeping needs.

Who Would Like This Mattress?

  • People interested in a mattress that fits both their sleeping habits and their firmness preferences
  • People who get warm when sleeping
  • People of all sizes
  • Big and tall clients who need something a little larger
  • Combination sleepers

Who Wouldn’t Be Interested In This Mattress?

  • People who aren’t interested in beds that feel bouncy
  • Those who might struggle with trying to clean off mattresses

Things To Note

You’ll come across many things in this Helix mattress review. Here’s a look at what you will notice in this report:

Multiple Firmness Options
Edge Support
Sleeping Style Points
Body Temperature Considerations
How Does This Work For Couples?
Sizes and Dimensions
Base Points
Added Points


The Helix mattress is a hybrid model that includes both foam surfaces and coils. A five-part layout is used on this mattress to help provide it with the shape and feel you deserve:

1- The Soft Touch cover on the top features a plush surface that is also stitched to allow enough air to flow through the mattress. The design keeps you from being too hot.

2- The top layer features Helix’s Dynamic Foam. This is a latex-like surface that features various small air pockets to all air to move through. You will experience a slight bit of a bounce off of the foam surface.

3- A layer of polyfoam appears in the next part. The foam adds a slightly more durable body that keeps you comfortable while sleeping.

4- A series of innerspring coils are near the bottom. Each coil is individually pocketed, thus ensuring the coils will conform to your natural shape.

5- The DuraDense foam base layer produces a sturdy base.

Multiple Firmness Options

An important point to note about the Helix mattress is that it comes in many forms. You can get a Helix mattress in a soft or firm style. Each individual mattress is designed with specific sleeping patterns in mind as well. These are based on how the foam cells in the mattress are arranged. Here’s a look at the types of mattresses you can get for your sleeping needs:

1- The Sunset mattress is a soft mattress for side sleepers. The mattress uses a layout that provides extra pressure relief while you sleep. The design can take in high amounts of pressure produced by the reduced amount of physical contact you make with the surface.

2- The Moonlight mattress is a soft one for back and stomach support. The design provides a body contouring layout with the top and middle layers being optimized to support your lower back and hips.

3- The Midnight bed is a medium-feel mattress for side sleepers. The design adds a slightly firmer body without going too far.

4- The Dusk bed also comes with a medium feel, but this one is for back and stomach sleepers. The foam is a little denser in this model.

5- The Twilight mattress is the first of the firm ones from Helix. The foam layers are dense and will not produce a sinking feeling. The Twilight bed is best for side sleepers and can handle the heaviest weight concentrations possible.

6- The Dawn mattress is the last general choice to see. This is another firm mattress, but this offers back and stomach support with the top and middle segments being optimized further.

7- You can also look at the Nightfall mattress if you are a larger person. The Nightfall mattress is for big and tall users. The mattress offers a medium firmness and uses an added layer of high-density foam to support larger people.

Helix Mattress Firmness test

Edge Support

The coils on the outside parts of the mattress are reinforced a little more than the ones in the middle. The added reinforcement ensures the mattress will keep you in place without possibly slipping off of the surface.

Sleeping Style Points

  • Your sleeping style should dictate which bed you want to sleep on. For side sleepers, the Sunset, Midnight, and Twilight beds are best.
  • Back sleepers will find that the mattress provides enough lumbar support. Still, you should look for a model that fits your specific sleeping needs.
  • A stomach sleeper will enjoy the firmer versions of this mattress. The Dusk and Dawn mattresses are especially perfect.
  • The good news is that these mattresses are perfect for combination sleepers of all sorts. The mix of foam and coils will ensure you will feel comfortable surfaces.

Body Temperature Considerations

You will keep your body temperature down when you sleep on the Helix mattress. The hybrid design of the mattress and the comfortable and breathable cover ensure you’ll stay cool throughout the night. You won’t have to worry about feeling sweaty when using the mattress.
The cover on the top of the mattress does well with keeping you from feeling too hot. You even have the option to wash the cover in a machine if necessary.

How Does This Work For Couples?

The assorted variety of Helix mattresses for you to choose from will provide you with a comfortable space for sleeping. But you should also look at how you and your partner sleep based on position. The good news is that the mattress will prevent motion transfer from being a problem. The individually wrapped coils ensure that your mattress will not cause the other person in bed to be bothered by any unwanted movements.

Sizes and Dimensions

The sizes of the Helix mattress are laid out based on the width, length, and thickness of the bed in inches:

Twin – 39x75x10
Twin XL – 39x80x10
Full – 54x75x10
Queen – 60x80x10
King – 76x80x10
Cali King – 72x82x10

The Nightfall version of the bed will be larger regardless of which size you want.

Base Points

You can add the Helix mattress to any base or surface you have in your home. Make sure the mattress is sized up to the appropriate base though. Also, the bed is compatible with adjustable bases.


The prices for the Helix mattress are listed in this segment. The prices are consistent for the many variants you can look for. These values are also listed without discounts, although the company does offer various special deals throughout the year. All values are in American dollars, which is important as the product is also available for sale in Canada:

Twin – $600
Twin XL – $700
Full – $850
Queen – $995
King – $1,245
Cali King – $1,245

The Nightfall bed also costs extra. The Nightfall model ranges from $700 for a twin size to $1,440 for a Cali King size.

Financing is available for all purchases through Klarna. A 24-month financing plan is available with interest depending on the plan and how well you pay off the mattress cost. Be sure to review the terms surrounding such a plan for your payment use.

Various special offers are available, including deals like 10 percent or more off of an order. You can also qualify to get a free addition to your order, like two extra pillows.

Added Points

There are a few other things to look at when finding the Helix mattress for your needs:

  • A 100-night sleep trial gives you the opportunity to see how well the Helix mattress works for yourself. You will get a full refund if you decide to return the mattress before the trial period ends.
  • You can ask for Helix to remove your old mattress from your home, but this costs an extra $150.
  • A 10-year warranty is included on each Helix mattress.
  • All Helix mattresses are made in the United States.
  • You can get the mattress delivered to your home for free in three to seven business days. Free shipping is available within the continental United States. Shipping is also available to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada, but it costs extra for those places.

A Final Word

You should see what the Helix mattress has to offer for your sleeping needs. You will love how well the Helix mattress feels as you relax after a long day. The variety of bed choices you can get from Helix will also do well for when you need something that is comfortable regardless of whether you need something soft or firm.